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Rivkah French 


Rivkah French is an award-winning queer dance choreographer and community leader based in Houston, Texas. French embodies freedom in movement by breaking dance, gender and societal norms--merging multiple dance styles, powerful themes, and innovative technologies. Rivkah engages audiences and participants in a journey of transformational discovery and expression through both performance and social practice events.


Throughout their twenty-five year career, French has created 37 full-length dance and multimedia performances, founded and directed the non-profit dance theater FrenetiCore, built and managed the organization’s black box theatrical venue, founded and produced the Houston Fringe Festival, and taught movement arts to at-risk children and adults, as well as homeless and incarcerated teens.


Rivkah is currently focused on developing both spaces and experiences that foster healing and empowerment through self-expression for the LGBTQ+ community; expanding the field of Queer Dance Theory, and creating new movement techniques that fuse global dance styles with contemporary Western dance. French’s career exemplifies their endless belief in the power of art on individuals and society at large.

The Q'astle 

Rivkah French Choreography (RFC) is currently raising funds to bring a new performance space to the 5th Ward: the future Q’astle Theater. The Q’astle Theater will provide the Houston arts community with a breathtaking, welcoming, sustainably-built performance space in the 5th Ward.


RFC has acquired a plot of land, started a GoFundMe campaign, and begun working with an architect to design and build a modern structure with an emphasis on open space and light.

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